Cool Birthday Present Ideas Video

29 05 2008

Here is a cool little video about awesome birthday present ideas – custom figurines. It’s only a short video so check it out. You could probably think of a 101 different situations and events that these custom figurines would be good for. I think are onto something!


8 Criteria For Better Birthday Present Ideas

3 05 2008

Do you struggle with birthday present ideas every month? If not, then I bet that you do at least every once in a while. Why is that? Why do we all struggle to come up with great birthday present ideas for the people we care about (and for the people we don’t!). It’s mainly because we don’t know enough about the person. We are so caught up in our own lives that we don’t really know what birthday present ideas are great for our loved ones. But you’re special, if you’re reading this article I’m guessing you care more than the average person 😉

So how do you get around this brain strain and come up with great birthday present ideas? Well firstly you have to ask yourself – “how much do I want to impress this person?” Once you’ve decided that you can decide how much thought you are going to put into the gift. (Obviously the more you care about them the more you thought you put in).

Ok, moving on, the next step is that we have to understand the person we are buying for. Do you really know the person you are buying a birthday present for? Are you getting a gift YOU think they want or need, or are you getting something for them?

1. Health and the preservation of life.

2. Food.

3. Sleep.

4. Money and the things money will buy.

5. Life in the hereafter.

6. Sexual gratification.

7. The well-being of our children.

8. A feeling of importance.

Work through this list and come up with any birthday present ideas that pop into your head. In my experience, most people like gifts that come from category #8: A feeling of importance. The reason for that is because most of the other criteria are things the person can or has already taken care of themselves.

Birthday present ideas like; trophies, certificates (name a star is an example), and gifts that are in their likeness (such as customized caricature figurines) are all personalized and shows them they are important and will be remembered.


Although this list is not exhaustive and the only list for birthday present ideas it will give you a better understanding of the loved ones we are buying for. Use this list of 8 Criteria next time you’re trying to come up with something – it will relieve some of that birthday present buying stress.

To get your own unique gift that makes you feel important or free newsletter go to: – Mark Choy is the founder of where you can get the latest and cool unique gifts – customised figurines (and more in the near future!).

Birthday Present Ideas That Show You Care

17 04 2008

Long gone are the days where you could just give a last minute gift voucher or card. Nowadays with the internet in its stride, people are buying into birthday present ideas that offer customisation and personalisation. This is happening in leaps and bounds.

A news article online (I can’t exactly remember where), had stated that in 2007, of all gift purchases made online – more than 50% were in the form of personalised gifts. I’m not too sure about that statistic but if big companies like Walmart, Starbucks, and Macy’s are offering personalized gift vouchers than the rest of us better pay attention.

Some birthday present ideas that I have come across include, although not exclusive to:

  • Custom t-shirts
  • Custom sneakers
  • Personalized jigsaw puzzles
  • Custom chocolates
  • Personalized plates
  • Caricature drawings
  • Build your own book – story, or scrapbook
  • Custom toys
  • Custom figurines – these look just like your caricature in 3D

There are plenty more out there, these are just the birthday present ideas off the top of my head. With the internet offering such a wide variety of services, why would you choose boring old birthday present ideas when you have ideas like these at your disposal?

Mark Choy

7 Great Personalized Birthday Present Ideas

17 04 2008

Are you stuck for good birthday present ideas? This happens all the time because we never know what the person has or hasn’t got already. Here are seven (7) great birthday present ideas that you can be pretty sure they probably don’t have:

  1. Digital picture frames. These have only been recently been introduced in the last year or so and are starting to gain in popularity. You can download the pictures for them and all of their family and friends so they are on it already when you give. If you are at a party, take some pictures then and put them on. Great way to personalize them.
  2. Personalized plates. This one is more for the younger person (or older person). Your own one of a kind present with your choice of background, font, font colour & symbol in the middle if one is desired. Kids seem to really appreciate this one as it gives them a sense of ownership.
  3. Custom Jigsaw puzzles. They are made from your own snapshots, personalized holiday greetings, children’s name puzzles and more! As one of our birthday gift ideas, this one is interactive and keep the gift receiver busy for a while.

  4. Have you ever heard of anyone getting a star named after them? There are Star Registries that sells gift packages that sell certificates for the person you are dedicating them to by date and telescopic coordinates of the star. One of the more romantic birthday present ideas.

  5. Customised toys – this is the way of the future in toys. Toys like; Styled by Me Barbie, Create Your Own Steiff Bear, Elmo Knows Your Name and Make Your Own Maclaren stroller. For all these toys you can personalize just the way you like.
  6. Personalised sneakers – you can design and personalize more than 100 shoes by choosing from hundreds of colours and styles for laces, soles, thread and shoe fabric combinations. You can even put your own name or saying on the back of the shoe. One of the most popular sites to do this on is Nike.
  7. Custom Figurines – as birthday present ideas these are great. Using your photo for reference, a professional sculpture will create a custom caricature figurine in your likeness. The figurines are about 5 inches tall and are made of a fine polymer clay resin that are sculpted with tiny tools. They are then hand painted with expert finesse to make them look like you. One of the really fun birthday present ideas.

Hopefully one of these birthday present ideas will inspire you to find something that’s suited to the person you’re buying for. If not, you can always resort to a cheesy gift voucher – oh wait, you can get those customised too!

Mark Choy

The New Trend In Birthday Present Ideas

17 04 2008

The New Trend In Birthday Present Ideas

“Once a new technology starts rolling, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” – Stewart Brand

I think that quote is good. Especially when applied to birthday present ideas and what you give people. In today’s day and age, it’s no longer cool to give quick and easy last-minute presents or cards any more. People want thought and personalisation behind the effort. To be made to feel special and feel like they mean something to you.

The prime example of this is the basic gift card.

Nowadays you can get them personalized at stores like: Macy’s, Toys R Us, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. They have “all added gift cards this year that can be personalized with a photo or other image. Dunkin’ Donuts lets people download photos or messages to get printed on cards. Target has 17 new gift card options this year — including some with lights and sounds — and one that can be personalized with a photo.” Quote

Even Walmart is in on the act and offering personalized gift cards.

If companies like mega-companies like Starbucks and Walmart are offering personalisation like that for their gift cards, what does that mean for the rest of us? It means you should rethink your birthday present ideas and add a touch of personalisation to them.

Mark Choy