More Birthday Present Ideas…

Ever Wonder Why It’s Like
Pulling Hen’s Teeth Trying To
Buy A Gift For That Special Someone?
**It Doesn’t Have To Be…**
Welcome To MiniMeGifts.Com!

We (Mark & Tina) have travelled the world for the last few years. From Sydney, to Munich, to London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and New York.

We’ve noticed that no matter where we went, regardless of the country or culture, people have a hard time deciding on what gifts to give loved ones and friends.

That’s about to change for anyone who wants an easier way. The reason is we assume that you’re just like us:

  • You like quality things for yourself and for those around you
  • You’re sick of shopping for 3 hours to buy a present that isn’t appreciated. And what’s worse, probably ends up being exchanged!
  • Thoughtful gifts will always remind us of the person who gave the present
  • You wished that you’d get something unique and fun as a gift – Rather than the usual “thoughtless” last minute rush job.
  • It’s great being remembered as someone cool enough to come up with a great idea.

Not only that! But we’ll give you access to:

  • News about the launch of our website
  • Access to our blog
  • Updates on new product releases – this is exciting stuff
    that has never been done are seen before in Australia!
  • Feedback from other readers on their experiences and

  • Our funniest clips – tell me how stupid they are,
    I want to know!

Come through to to find out more.


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